Content producers self-rate their content with the Voluntary Media Rating system. There are two levels of parental admonishment; with Adult under [ wA < ] and Restricted under [ Rc < ]. The admonishment level is refined by the age number.
Rating your content is very simple. There are two informative parts to the voluntary self-rating; a Letter+Age code and disclosure details.

The letter designations work in conjunction with ages:

  Ev Everybody
  wA < [age] with Adult supervision under [age]
  Rc < [age] Restricted content under [age]

The disclosure section should use adjectives such as ‘mild,’ ‘brief’ or ‘extreme’ to qualify language; ‘implied’ or ‘graphic’ to qualify sex; ‘brief,’ ‘graphic,’ ‘emotional’ or ‘extreme’ to qualify violence, etc.   Moralistic tone or judgements such as ‘Deviant Behavior’ should be AVOIDED, as such assessments are highly subjective, misleading and counter-productive.

Note these ratings are recommendations by the content creators or distributors. How they are applied is up to parents, educators, websites and theatre operators. The differences between wA and Rc admonishment codes allow for many content and viewer situations. For example, Rc < 14 makes sense for sex-education materials, while wA < 14 makes sense for content with sporadic cussing.